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The Royal Society for Leaving Things in Books
Recent Entries 
31st-Jan-2011 08:28 pm - Cryptic One-Liner
Occasionally, I like to lurk around on /x/ to see if I can find any new images or creepypastas to add to my collection. Well, one day, someone suggested leaving cryptic notes in books-- even going so far as to suggest a "game" in which one note hinted at a book containing another note and etc. Some people posted suggestions for the notes, and I figured I should share my giant list with the people. Only not the 4chan people; I already have the hernias.

Most of these are really just lines taken out of context from songs. Points if you can name them without searching! The ones with the asterisks are ones I swiped off 4chan, having met my criteria for creepiness.
  1. Don't.
  2. Check the walls.
  3. * Please don't wake the spiders.
  4. * Don't blink.
  5. Please forgive me.
  6. Don't think we've forgotten.
  7. * Please wake up.
  8. * We miss you.
  9. * It was unlocked, but we locked it for you.
  10.  It was locked, but we unlocked it for you.
  11. * Do you want to save the game?
  12. Overwrite current data?
  13. You Are Not Alone
  14. Don't look in their eyes.
  15. Don't look in my eyes.
  16. Don't listen to them.
  17. The mouse is looking at me.
  18. Après homme est le Horla.
  19. Welcome home faithful one.
  20. Slow down fast train.
  21. I'll always wait for you.
  22. Such tender wolves.
  23. The woodsman failed.
  24. What have you seen?
  25. Should we go outside?
  26. Do you want to sit at my table?
  27. This is unlike the story it was written to be
  28. Can you hear the song?
  29. When you ate I saw your eyelashes
  30. Why've you gone away?
  31. Can you hear me?
  32. Will you listen?
  33. Don't come near me
  34. Don't go missing
  35. In the corner something is happening.
  36. Will you call me when you get there?
  37. Who could help me.
  38. Help me find my way back in.
  39. They've left the gate open wide!
  40. Will you dance, my darling?
  41. Walk a little faster.
  42. Don't look backwards.
  43. Your feast is to the East
  44. Keep your eyes fixed on the highest hill
  45. Sooner or later you'll bury your teeth
  46. Why would you say I was the last one?
  47. Was I the last one?
  48. I have washed a thousand spiders down the drain
  49. We know what you are and you know that we know what you are.
  50. There is nowhere to go, save up.
  51. All my bones they are gone, gone, gone.
  52. Think of your woman, who's gone to the west.
  53. I'll crawl across the salt flats to stroke your sweet head
  54. I can't stay away
  55. You left me all alone right here.
  56. What happens at home since I've gone away?
  57. The river is watching you.
  58. Knock loud I'm home.
  59. Make your bed the river.
  60. I know you can't swim but I'll tuck you in.
  61. Please don't let him die.
  62. You're miles from where anyone will find you.
  63. It's not for you to know, but for you to weep and wonder.
  64. It's hard to breathe.
  65. I couldn't save you.
  66. I'm trapped in the door.
  67. Come out to meet me.
  68. This tornado loves you
  69. What will make you believe me?
  70. You never know when I'll show you the never.
  71. I would trade you my empire for ashes.
  72. Don't read the 14th line.
4th-Sep-2007 01:18 pm(no subject)
 If only I had photos of the things I've left in books. 
Over the past month I very happily found a bookmark in my copy of Les Fleurs du Mal. Apparently someone in Spokane had tucked it into the book upon purchasing it and then later sold it to the the little small town new and used bookstore that I bought it at. 

Earlier this year, however, I decided to create a club at my university in Colorado and publicized by leaving bright magenta post-its with the title of said student organization, "The Colorado Society of Creative Eccentrics", in a variety of books throughout different sections of the library. I only wonder when people will find them all. I'm sure librarians have picked a lot of them up by now, but I can't help but think that maybe a couple of years down the road I'll get an e-mail in the inbox of the account I set up for the club from someone who's interested in the organization. 
I would think it was cool if I found that in my book ^_^
2nd-Jun-2007 12:20 pm(no subject)
Temp layout by premade_ljs.

I don't like using layouts that I haven't edited a little bit, so I'll probably mess with this or another some time.
2nd-Jun-2007 10:40 am(no subject)
Ah, it seems I'm not the only one who found this interesting. :3

Like here.

This is similar.

For things people found in books.

Though, this worries me (scroll down to 'Patron mutilation'). How are post-it notes comparable to actually writing in a book? Loosen your buns (that can go two ways xD ), people. Maybe because it's a university library?
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